Study Visits

Study Visits

Five academic professionals from each Asian HEΙ travelled to Europe to witness first-hand the teaching process, course and lab setup and other operational issues of the relevant postgraduate degrees offered in UCN and NKUA. These visits introduced participants to the theory-practice integration in clinical learning and familiarize participants with experiential learning principles and techniques in midwifery training. They are the first important step for the development of the new curriculum as the partners were asked to exchange ideas, discuss their vision of what will the new course include, and agree on a broad structure.

This activity also helped the academic professionals of Asian HEIs:

It added extra value and increased knowledge of Asian partners on different aspects of postgraduate modules from a European perspective.

They benefited from different pedagogical and teaching techniques that EU partners use, and acquired some new teaching methods.

The 1st Study Visit took place in Denmark- University College of Northern Denmark and the 2nd Study Visit took place in Greece- National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.