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WP 1: Preparing for excellence

D1.1 SafeMa Guide of Best Practices: academic and research excellence in midwifery   -   Download   View

D1.2 Gap analysis report   -   Download   View

D1.3 Material for the study visits in EU Universities   -   Download   View

D1.4 SafeMa model for excellence in midwifery   -   Download   View

D1.5 SafeMa plans for excellence


D2.1 SafeMa Course Material

D2.2 SafeMa course evaluation toolkit

D2.3 SafeMa training workshops for academic and administrative staff

D2.4 SafeMa Virtual Learning Platform   -   Download   View

D2.5 SafeMa Hubs for excellence in midwifery


D3.1 SafeMa course delivery

D3.2 SafeMa Evaluation Report on Course Delivery and Sustainability

D3.3 SafeMa Forum   -   View

D3.3 SafeMa Research Cluster


D4.1 Quality Assurance and Evaluation Plan

D4.2 Project evaluation compendium

D4.3 Quality Assurance and Evaluation Reports

D4.4 Evaluation Report


D5.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

D5.2 SafeMa Website and social media presence

D5.3 Portfolio of dissemination material   -   Download   View

D5.4 SafeMa Guide on Fundraising

D5.5 National conferences

D5.6 SafeMa policy recommendations

D5.7 SafeMa community awareness raising and infodays

D5.8 SafeMa International Conference and SafeMa prize award

D5.9 Excellence in Midwifery publication

D5.10 Memorandum of Understanding


D6.1 Partnership Agreement

D6.2 Interim Report 1

D6.3 Interim Report 2

D6.4 Final Report



Follow the progress of the project

  • 1st Milestone / MS1

    SafeMa Model for Excellence in Midwifery

  • 2nd Milestone / MS2

    Quality assurance and evaluation plan

  • 3rd Milestone / MS3

    Dissemination and exploitation plan

  • 4th Milestone / MS4

    1st Interim Report

  • 5th Milestone / MS5

    SafeMa Course Material

  • 6th Milestone / MS6

    SafeMa Hubs for Excellence in Midwifery

  • 7th Milestone / MS7

    2nd Interim Report

  • 8th Milestone / MS8

    SafeMa Evaluation Report on Course Delivery and Sustainability

  • 9th Milestone / MS9

    Evaluation Report

  • 10th Milestone / MS10

    Final reports